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How To Jailbreak Playstation 4 7.00

How To Jailbreak Playstation 4 7.00 OFW *BRAND NEW* *August 2019* *100% WORKING* *PS4 EXPLOIT* *Voice Tutorial* *With Subtitles* *WITH USB* *FREE* *FULL HD*

I’m back with another jailbreak video tutorial. Today, I received the latest 7.00 PlayStation jailbreak file from the developer and I decided to immediately make a video tutorial about it. If you get troubles when installing the jailbreak, you can always get my FREE PERSONAL HELP here.
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Click on the image to watch the video

I have received this 7.00 jailbreak today so I do not know actually how well it works, but it came from a very trusted developer so normally it should work fine. I also do not have a list of models that it supports, so you just have to try and see. You will not lose anything if you try it, but if you are already on a jailbreak on a previous firmware, then I definitely recommend you to stay there at the moment until this jailbreak becomes official and stable. So please try it and let me know in the comments if it worked for your model or not. Like I said before, I am not the developer of this jailbreak. I know a lot about it and I will do everything to answer all your questions. If you do have questions that are difficult for me to answer, I will send your questions to the developer himself. GOOD LUCK!

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  2. My PS4 isn't picking up the jailbreak update file how do I fix that

  3. My PS4 isn't picking up the jailbreak update file how do I fix that